Together We Can Do Stuff To Make Stuff Better

My name is Ethan Suddik and I am to receive the nod for Donald Trump's running mate as Vice President. I am a ten year old boy with almost no policy or elected experience other than being designated bathroom monitor once in third grade. However, Donald and I believe that I have more than enough experience to join his team and assist in his vision of restoring America to its core values. We're going to make jobs and make bad people get out. Plus I'm a kid, so my policy decisions are basically inscrutible. Don't make us throw a temper tantrum.

More About Me

In my short 10 years I have done lots of important things in policy making and public service stuff. Just the other day my dad asked me to go outside and rake up the leaves, but instead of submitting to his authoritarian demands I simply replied with "I don't negotiate with terrorists" and then spent the next 2 weeks establishing a Kafka-esque buraucratric nightmare for him to navigate the next time he wants to make stupid demands. Get a robot to rake up the leaves dad, its 2016! This is the kind of stonewall policy making you can look forward to next year when Donald Trump and I light Washington D.C. on fire. Did I mention I'm 10 years old?

Kinds of Walls I Like

Twitter Feed

4/27/16 "Today I ate a peanut butter smoothie and built a wall to keep my dog out of the house. Donald would be proud. #TrumpSuddik2016"
5/01/16 "I watched @BarackObama give his dinner speech last night. People laughed but I dont know why. Maybe they were laughing at him. #Byeobama"
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